Less than 250 dollar gpu with need to upgrade

looking at currently getting a less than 250 dollar gpu [possible later crossfiring to add displays or upgrade to pcie 3.0 cards]
want to play sc2 and bf3 currently low resolution [that will change with added displays]
current psu is ultra u12 gold edition
15 2500k, noctua nh-d14, asrock extreme3gen3 [fairly certain of board but could be persuaded to change it], 16gb ram [want to ram cache]
tigerdirect.com is preferred website as they ship to au
thinking radeon cards due to the fact that xfire works on different models [that is the only reason so if will change to nvidia if that isn't a problem], i have been looking at 6950 cards
currently 720p display will upgrade to multiple high res monitors
currently don't need games to run on overkill graphics but will want to upgrade soon within 2-3 months through xfiring or upgrading
thanks in advance
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  1. I Highly recommend you get this video card which you'll have to unlock it for a 6970 performance which is a $100 saving..
    since your budget is so low, wait for 6930 which is your best bet! or this one lol...
    Not unlockable but should perform under 6970(10-30 FPS different)...
    Recommended first link as is bang for buck...
  2. should add that once upgrading/cross firing the budget will not be an issue
  3. good card and site with international shipping ;] thanks. the unlocking sounds nice as well
  4. so ummm, are you ganna get them(Sapphire 6950) or not? Getting 6950 CrossFire(Price of $500) with unlocked is like two 6970(Price of $800)...
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