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Hi I had a few questions about the i7-2670QM processor that comes in the Lenovo Y570. I was planning on underclocking it to 1.5GHz, which leads to my first question. Will a i7 quad core 1.5GHz be enough for every day tasks and some light gaming? Also, what would the temperature be at 1.5GHz, and what would it be for 2.2GHz (base clock speed). I'm coming from an AMD turon mobile so I am really eager to not average out at about 79 degree Celsius. (seriously right now my wrists are really hot--even on power saver) . One last question--is there an easy way to disable cores? I'm buying this now to have the specs be relevant for many years to come and I don't really need a quad core, so if it would take a few degrees off then I would like to.
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  1. Here's something I found on the net last night, I was also interested in this, but I got lazy so I decided not to do it :lol: I wish you good luck! http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-components-aftermarket-upgrades/235824-undervolting-guide.html

  2. Thanks! I will defiantly look into that--will probably undervolt and underclock a little to have a nice cool CPU with a little bit longer battery life.
  3. You don't need to underclock, I think the temperature will be fine. Just check on the cooling of the laptop.
  4. Buy a cooling pad. Otherwise, SB is meant to handle higher temps

    If you haven't bought it yet, just go for a cheaper and cooler mobile i5
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