i am upgrading my sound system from a creative 5.1 vx+t6160 to a asus xonar dx+ edifier s730...... i saw the GUI of DX it does not have 2.1 option it shows 2 channel 4 channel 6 channel 8 channel .....

but y dosent it show 2.1 setup... willo it b proper to pair the soundcard with edifier ??

i want to get maximum output of the speakers !!

help !!!!
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  1. Do the Edifier speakers come with a separate cable for the .1 (Subwoofer) connection that plugs into a special sound card port for the sub woofer?
    I doubt it.
    If you're using the Optical connectors then it automatically decodes the signal for all the channels.
    I wouldn't worry about it too much unless I was using a HiFi 7.1 or .2 setup with a external DAC involved in it.
  2. nope in the DX user manual it shows tht 1 line connects into the subwoofer ...its same as the standard 2.1 connection ........ i have no idea about optical cables etc ....... this is the first time i am paying so much attention to the sound system....

    i want goood bass without distortion and clear sound .. no DAC ...

    so it should be fine to run the DX with 2 channel output ?
  3. It will run perfectly with that sound card, and once you upgrade the speaker to something really good, you'll be flabbergasted to know that these cards sometimes perform way better than music systems.
  4. thanx a lot buddy i was about to order the dx just stopped due to this prob ..... nw i m going to order the card and d speakers right away !! :)

    thanx a lot for the advice !!! :):)
  5. the s730 has a 150watt sub and 75x2 speakers ......
  6. The pleasure is all ours. You're welcome.
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