Ati 6770 vs gts 450

want to play games at 1333x768 with medium to high details..which gpu to choose ..gts 450 is notably cheaper than ati 6770 in my area..which to choose..
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  1. the way is to go with hd 6770..
  2. the price of asus gts 450 gddr5 is 136.08$
    XFX ATi Radeon HD6770- GDDR5 price is 142.7$
    is the 6$ worth of jumping to a 6770..because i will not use eyefinity in my life but i will go for physx which is applicable to many games..
    and one more question i among the 2 card gts 450 gddr3 and amd 6670 gddr5 which goves best frame rates at 1333x768
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    Worth it, and I don't know why gamer there bring us the 'hw compare' site, which is not really reliable for comparing GPU's. It's just comparing by texel rate and pixel rate and other specification which is not really reliable. Anyway 6770 is in the middle between GTS 450 and GTX 550 ti, so it would be like: GTS 450 = HD 6750 < HD 6770 < GTX 550 ti = HD 6790. You can see the difference between the 6770, that the 6770 is a faster card. So I think it's worth it for just a $6 increase.

    And I think you are wrong on ''physx which is applicable to many games..'' because there is no much games that supports Physx Actually. Here is a list: You can see that it's pretty few games that supports PhysX.

    Hope this helps and have a good day :).
  4. if i buy xfx 6770 i will not upgrade my card for 4 years will this card can support 1333x768 res for 4 years for most of the games with medium detail as i have only cooler master 350 extreme psu so i have to upgrade it tell me a cheapest psu but some what reliable one for this another question to how much level of gaming can a 6670 can be expected and to which gfx card is it equal to nvidia cards..
  5. First you are probably talking about 1366x768 instead of 1333x768 just note that :).

    Yeah I think it can support 1366x768 resolution pretty well in medium detail, it may lags in higher settings but in low I think it'll be OK. What's ''cheapest PSU'' also? I mean for how much? 6670 is slightly lower than GTS 450 card and (probably) equal to GT 440.

    Hope the answer I gave you answers your question :).
  6. cheap psu means for 35$ for amd 6770..the 6670 i mentioned is gddr5 vs gts 450 gddr3 can i expect it to run games at 1333x768 at medium settings for games like bf3
  7. It should, but when you go to 1080p it may not...

    For $40 you can get CX430
  8. Go for HD 6770.Its a good card for its price.Also if u can tell us ur psu and other spec and also if u plan to upgrade parts of ur PC :)
  9. thanks refillable..
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  11. Your welcome my friend, no problem...
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