How to block port 8080

how do I block / unblock ports in ASA Firewall 5500 series?
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  1. (very) General steps:

    1) show route - shows you the interfaces and allows you to figure out where your traffic would go through

    2) show run access-group - shows you what access list is applied to the interface(s) you identified in step 1

    3) config t - enter configuration mode

    4) access-list <access_list_name_from_step2> extended deny <tcp or udp> any any eq 8080

    5) Test to see that you're blocking

    6) wr mem - saves the config so it's not lost on the next reboot.

    If you don't have access lists assigned via the access-group commands yet feel free to write back and we can help you get that part setup too... hopefully that's already done though.
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