sir recently i rushed to service center of biostar because of my gt430 fan not working so he said your gpu warranty seal
brocken and now it will not repair i told him that i didnt know about i have the bill invioce it took 6 month from buy i am
fed up with they always say that your card will not be repair what should i do now i am they shopper told me where i am purchased to go nerhu palace that can help you i fed up with that too much so decided to report consumer court
for misbehaviour of service center should i complaint or go for nehru palace to exchange the my gpu please help me
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  1. you bought it at nehru place? if so try to exchange it there...
  2. no dude i purchased from sakarpur verr saawrkar market and i also visited to service center and they said go for nehru plce service center because they don t except my card because warranty seal broken so did i go for nehru place for the answer
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