AM3 socket retainer

Hi all,

M.B: M4A78LT-M LE. CPU: Phenom II x2 560 BE.

I'm after a bracket that holds the CPU Cooler kit to the CPU/M.B in my desktop.
I'm disabled and rely on my machine a bit more than most. Obviously it can't be used at the moment, as the retaining bracket has failed.

Anyone know where I can get one - fast, here in the UK please ?

cheers all.
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  1. ct1615 said:
    bracket has failed? can you go into further detail? link below for the replacement but is the motherboard damaged?

    Many thanks for looking into it for me.

    Firstly: please accept my apologies. The socket is actually AM3. It might help matters if I had that right.

    After spending time & money (Jan 2011) rebuilding my desktop machine, I am very disappointed that the CPU connector plate failed yesterday.
    I was having physiotherapy and heard a clunk from my desk. I couldn’t see anything fallen over, so carried on with the physio’. I was about to take the panel off the machine, when it shut its-self down. When I did open it, I was dismayed to see that the heat-sink & cooling fan had dropped off & was resting across a couple of expansion cards.
    On closer inspection, I see that one of the fixing lugs on the adapter/fixing plate had snapped off. I’ve never seen this before, even on cheaper stuff, so feared the worse.
    I dropped DABs a line to see about returning it, but now it looks like they want me to send it to Asus. Doesn’t that go against UK Law ?
    I have now seen that you can buy these adapter plates – so I guess it’s a more common occurrence than I thought. As I am disabled, I do rely on my machine, possibly more than most, and of course I can’t run it at all at the moment.

    1/ For the sake of speed: does anyone know where I can get such a plate (AM3 socket – mine bears the word: AMCO) ? I’ve looked on an auction site, but the only A3 I come up with is from Hong Kong –(400294708174)- and that isn’t quite like mine. Mine is more ‘open plan’ – just the outer frame.

    2/ I am concerned about any damage caused by this thing falling apart. If I do have to return it – should I insist that DABs take it back, and not Asus ?

    Thanks also for the link to Amazon. That piece looks similar,,,,, maybe a bit bigger than mine - judging by the guys hands !? Also, mine is more open plan - just the outer frame. It looks like you can remove the backing plate from the Amazon one, which would also leave the bolt holes for my fixing screws.

    Of course, it's worth spending the couple of quid on it, but I can't afford to waste time if it isn't exactly what I need.

    Dabs have given me a number for ASUS, but it's either not working, or if I were cynical, set to make us call umpteen times at 0870 rates.

    Thanks CT.

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