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I'm considering buying an Antec Skeleton case. However, one thing that comes up occasionally in comments on it is limited room for aftermarket CPU coolers - but none of them ever mention just how *much* clearance there is. Does anyone have any idea, or even any information on specific coolers that don't fit?

Also, the large fan at the top apparently has LEDs that can change colour. How hard is it to turn them off completely (without turning the fan off)?
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  1. What is this mad case? can you get a tower or something? Trust me I think it is not worth it to get something like this unless you have a good reason.
  2. It looks like an interesting case though. Could not tell you about the aftermarket cooler though.

    My question how much of a dust collector would this one be? I do not see anyway to filter out the dust from your cards and cooler. Looks like a case that would require a lot of can air on hand.
  3. I have one, I love it but there's some drawbacks: Dust is hugely problematic, you can buy mesh kits for the case if your willing to part with an extra $80 (last time I looked which was months ago so maybe you can find better)

    I think the aftermarket cooler height is limited to like 12cm or something, can't remember off the top of my head I can measure when I get home if you'd like. The fan ontop has a little button to cycle through the different LED combinations, there's a few but I think you can turn it off, it was awhile since last time I played with it so again I can confirm later tonight when I'm home.

    The ability to slide out the tray to install a motherboard is handy, having to wire up HDD's and optical drive's beneath that tray is painful. Even using a modular power supply I found it impossible to get any sort of decent cable management with the case and really annoying if all you wanna do is disconnect 1 drive without removing a PSU.
  4. @refillable - the reason I am looking at this case over a tower is that I want to put one or both computers on a shelf that my current towers (a Fractal Arc and a Silverstone Raven RV2) won't fit on. So, I'm after lowish height case that fits an ATX board - but most of the ones I've found so far won't fit the excessive heatsinks I've got. Of the options I haven't ruled out yet on that basis alone, the Skeleton is the only one I've found an Australian reseller for (or even an international one who will ship here).

    @benikens - thanks for the information. Would the outside HDD mountings be easier for cable management than the inside ones? Although I'll wait for your measurements, 12cm cooler clearance wouldn't be nearly enough for me, unfortunately. :(
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