NVidia Drivers, Windows 7 Performance?


So.. I have a quad core system with 2x geforce 9800gtx+ cards..

I updated to the latest drivers yesterday.. from drivers in May to drivers in October and my Windows Performance Index dropped signficantly..

Before Update CPU was 7.3 and graphics 7.5

After Update CPU 7.2 and graphics 7.0

my question is.. is Windows Performance Index accurate? and if so.. I guess i should change back to older drivers?

also.. i should point out that when i tried to uninstall the old drivers to install the new drivers, they would not uninstall so i did install on top, but i been reading for a year that nvidia says to do this anyways even though i still never did..
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  1. WEI don't mean diddly squat, does it still game OK for you?
  2. Quote:
    2x 9800GTX= GTX 285, GTX 460, GTX 560.

    As far as how it games.. I only playing mmos lately so hard to truly say how it is performing.

    What is the best way to benchmark and see which drivers run best?

    Normally new drivers make my index stay same or go up..

    I was curious if the old drivers might be better just because its a Quad Core rig and not a newer iCore rig with 9800GTX+ and not the newer Geforce cards. I know sometimes older crap gets not as well tested drivers or configured with same hardware.

    Playing WoW currently mainly, but going to switch over to SWToR which is going to have a higher requirements. I want to squeeze what I can out of my system performance wise to run setting higher
  3. with new Drivers


    with old drivers


    maybe im mistaken or are they just identical?

    or am i wrong and one driver better?
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