Can diferent stepping make CPU incompatible with a mobo ?


I want to upgrade CPU on my old mobo (which is asrock alivenf5-esata2+). I found beta bios (asrock published some of them unofficially) that supports

Support Phenom II 940,965, 945, 955 Athlon II 640, x3 435 and Sempron 1xx series
Probably support AMD Athlon II X2 255 and 245E

Release date of this (latest) bios is
Datiert auf den 27.01.2010

Some of the supported CPUs have revisions before and after this bios release - according to - like 95W revision of Phenom II 955. If older revisions (125W works, how will 95W do ?)
Also athlon II 640 seems to be dated on may 2010 - is it possible that this bios supports it ?

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  1. Hello Michael,

    If the motherboard manufacturer lists the CPU support list, it is for that model of CPU. Stepping has nothing to do with how a CPU operates. Stepping is a revision of the silicon etching process that makes the transistors on a CPU. I have not heard any reports on a new stepping that makes a CPU incompatible. If that were the case, there would be MANY generations of motherboards per CPU!
  2. @michael: Please ignore the spammer!
  3. its entirely possible a cpu wont be supported when a stepping change is released. the original i7 920 c0 stepping boards needed a bios update to run the d0 stepping version...

    the boards should boot with older bios, but its a risk, not all will and can result in cpu dammage or system instability...
  4. Theoretically this could happen, but in practice I have never heard of this happening, so I would not worry about the stepping compatibility.
  5. Hello, thanks for answers. I have bought phenom II 965 cpu and it works fine (ok, almost fine - fan problems), because every revisions of that cpu were dated before the bios. I have choosen safest option ;-)
  6. Good. Hope you and your new found CPU will have a great time together! :)
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