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I need some help with the choices, I am buying a new desktop for gaming and I don't have many choices from my country computer store:

I want to buy this:

DELL Vostro 260MT ( DE 755 )

- Intel® CoreTM i5-2400
(3.1Ghz, 6MB Cache)
- Intel HD Graphics
- LCD Monitor 18" IN1930
- Optical Drive: DVD+RW
- DELL USB Keyboard
- Mouse / Mouse Pad
- DOS (Free Software Installation)
- 1 Year Warranty (Part & Labor)

Retail Price: 639$

I want to know if this model has option to upgrade to new GPU card and what is the limit.

And this custom build:

* LCD Monitor ACER 21.5" X223 HQW
* HDD: 1TB / RAM: 4GB DDR3
* M/B ASUS P7P55D-E Green
(Built in Sound+GLAN)
* VGA Card PCI-E Asus EN210 1GB
* Casing ATX W/Power supply 24pins
* Mouse/Keyboard Connectland
* DVD-RW/Speaker Logitech S150 US
* Mouse Pad
• Intel Core i3-540 3.0GHz/4MB =$885
• Intel Core i3-550 3.2GHz/4MB =$900
• Intel Core i5-760 2.8GHz/8MB =$990

I need help, I know that my country store doesn't have good GPU with these builds. However, I am planning to upgrade it so I want to know what should be my choice if I want to use this for gaming. Which is better for ability to upgrade in the future from these builds.

Anyway, here is my local store website and you might browse a bit and give me some best option: www.

I have budget of 1000$

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Honestly if you got the Custom build with the i5 2400 (If possible) and then later changed the graphics card. But if not an option. Get the Dell and just a better GPU later on. they are both about tid for tat.
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