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5850 Crossfire ON 16x/4x lanes? Or new mobo, OR wait till 7950?

So I have never cross-fired before. I have heard decent and bad things about crossfiring high end cards on a x4 lane. But it looks promising. Also its cheaper.

I have the crappy MSI board that the capacitors and south bridge over heat. So I cant OC hardly at all. Its a 1055t THAT REQUIRES a easy 500 mhz oc just to max Skyrim. But a new MOBO would cost me $150, for graphics performance thats great otherwise not easy to budget.

The 7950 is rumored to be priced at $350, a bit steep.....unless it has huge gains (100% faster than a 5850).

So should I:
A. Crossfire 5850 on a 16x/4x lane
B. Get a new mobo and crossfire a 5850 because 4x lane wont work
c. Wait for 7950.

Whats everyone's speculation of the increase in speed of the 7950, over the 6950 and 5850?

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  1. Do you currently have two 5850 or just one and looking to get another. You can crossfire two 5850 on a 16x and a 4x there will be a slight performance loss but not noticable enough to make it not enjoyable. It would be good emough to play your games for a while so you can buitd up a new gaming rig budget amount and then get new everything.
  2. Wait for 7950. Will be as good as crossfire 5850 without gay crossfire issues.
  3. Thats an epic find! I cant believe its so close in performance.

    I dont have another laying around. But im doing math in my head. $150 for another 5850 to crossfire, my cheapest option. Or Sell it make $120 off of it and double my performance in 2 months.

    Not sure what to expect from crossfiring. My psu is 850 watts antec Im sure I can handle it all with ease. Ima youtube stuttering because im not sure what it is.
  4. I only have a 1GB card. Im assuming crossfire 5850 with 1GB will be bottlenecked?
  5. Quote:
    Yes my GTX 480 eats up 1500mb at ultra with 4xmsaa.
    Without AA it's 1200mb.

    See this conversation going on a lot. I'd be interested in benchmarks comparing 1GB cards w 2GB alternative. In the review of the updated 560ti, they include 69501GB and 2GB and they both achieve identical performance, even at 2560x1600. I've seen similar results in every article I've read comparing the two. Shouldn't just broadly say "omg you need 2GB" because in a lot of cases it will make 0 performance difference and adds significant cost.
  6. GAH! Was so ready to pull the trigger on another card. So now its wait time for 7950 maybe 7870.

    So upset now. Dont want to wait lol.
  7. So what do you think?

    I SEE YOUR 5850 1GB CROSSFIRE! Please tell me how BF3 is working out on that rig?
  8. I wouldn't have bothered with a 16x4 board but if the losses aren't that great it is worth it provided you got a better board down the line. I avoid boards like this even intel boards but 8x8, 8x8x4 sometimes pop up.
  9. Funny story about the board. Bought it the day it came out, right with the 1055t on the day it came out as well.


    I DIDNT KNOW THEY still used 4X lanes. WTF WHY!!

    Didnt notice it till I thought about crossfiring my 4850, which turned into a 5850 lol. Got it cheap to.
  10. I actually got suckered into getting BF3 for XBox 360 (some family and friends have it for that system). Overall the 5850's perform well, but at 2560x1600 I'm looking to upgrade again when 7xxx comes out. Just not getting quite the performance I'm looking for in demanding games at high settings.
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    As using 5850 1gb crossfire, they're fantastic at 1080p. Max out BF3 no problem (well, after the driver updates lol). Using Ultra+ (tweaks) in Skyrim. Metro 2033 at Very High/DX11/Tesselation/4xMSAA (only DoF disabled) with solid fps (I think I averaged around 46).

    According to benchmarks, 1gb vs 2gb doesn't matter up to even 2560x1600. However that is where it starts to make an impact. At 3x 1920x1080 (aka 5760x1080) you definitely need more than 1gb. My next big PC upgrade is to go triple monitor, but I'm waiting on next gen GPUs so I can get a beastly single card (ideally).

    Anyway as to the 16x/4x issue, I personally probably would wait a few months and get 7000 series but I realise for the price, if you can still find a 5850, it will be better price/performance upgrade.
  12. This is honestly killing me lol. I keep hearing that BF3 is vastly limited with 1 GB EVEN 1.5 GB of Vram. With my 5850 im only getting 1600X900 resolution on medium settings, AND THE GAME LOOKS CRAPPY! With 55 FPS average (to allow for dips so I dont get killed). My PC performance is impacting my game performance.

    Im that guy at the end of the game, lowest ranked on top of the score board. But bigger games cause so much FPS dips, that i end up with terrible scores.

    Isnt the 7870's suppose to come out today? Im so close I should wait. But if the 7950 is going to be $450 THATS VERY disappointing!

    Not sure what to do. I do want This new card to max out games for the next 1.5 Years like all my previous cards.

    Heres the numbers im thinking:

    7950 $450
    7870 $350
    6970 $280 (after 7xxx release)
    6850 $180-$200 (after 7xxx release)
    5850 $140

    That 5850 looks tasty. But CF and 1GB makes me nervous, and on a x4 lane.
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