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Help and advice: Upgrading my 3yr old PC HP e9220y, GPU n Power supply

I'm upgrading my e9220y HP-Pavilion's graphic card and power supply. My computers video card sucks :( and i need a good combination of graphic card and power supply. If i will have to replace or upgrade the video card i'll need to replace its 300wtt power supply. Please help, I don't know much in building computers.

400-300 is my budget

heres the detail of my computer;
Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion
Model: e9220y
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II x4 910 Processor 2.60GHz
Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit OS
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350
Disply mode: 1600x900 (32 bit)(60hz)

Power supply: 300watt ATX v12 something x16
Size: OEM power supply 5.8" W X 3.5" H X 5.5' L
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  1. What do you need the graphics card for? Gaming? What kind of games do you play and at what settings do you want them to be?

    What is your budget for both peices?
  2. I am currently using it in 3D modeling(maya) , Unreal engine..etc and also i play games such as mw2 and SC2. 4350 ati cant handle the stress. I want it at least in HD quality while i can enjoy the smooth fps.
    my budget for video card is 200, and 100 for power supply.

    Thank you for the reply :D.
  3. Quote:
    I use maya and it likes a fast cpu and a decent gpu together.
    Can you afford a new system?

    Idk about cpu and how to replace it :P and how much it cost actually? right now i really want to replace my graphic card and power supply for support
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    A 910 is still a pretty decent CPU, its not great, but its not like super old or anything. With a budget of 300 dollars you can do yourself up pretty nice. You can do better then this with your budget, but there really is no point. At that resolution this card will get you by nicely, and compliment your CPU well.

    or if you want more power, you can push your budget to the max but you might run into CPU bottlenecking "issues"
  5. I havn't used Maya in a while but back when I used it Maya didn't utilize Cuda directly, some plug-ins for it do however.
  6. thank you so much guys. I have one more question how much actually a cpu cost? and will 500watt fry my 910 cpu?
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  8. zenre21 said:
    thank you so much guys. I have one more question how much actually a cpu cost? and will 500watt fry my 910 cpu?

    No, you could use a 1200w power supply it won't fry the CPU. A CPU upgrade you could get a 975 for 160 dollars. Not quite sure its necessary though.
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