Sorry for double thread but i need some help with GA-EP31-DS3L and GA-P31-DS3L motherboards which is better and what are differences between them ? i am thinking of getting GA-EP31-DS3L because i found a guy who sells it for almost nothing and does GA-EP31-DS3L support this stuff ddd2 667 ram,e2140 cpu and ATI radeon 4650 graphics card? Thanks!
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  1. The board went out of production 4 years ago. The two boards are very similar. Both have P31 chipsets... I would value the list you have provided, if it was all completely unused, at about $120. The board would be about $20, the RAM, if it's 2GB, about 20, the CPU about 40... the 4650 about $50
  2. Thanks :)
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