Needing to upgrade PC to meet Diablo requirements

I am needing to update my PC so I can run Diablo 3 more smoother. My issues is I would like to save any parts of my computer that don't need to be upgraded.
My first issue is my CPU. I have a Intel Pentium 4 630 now and it was the only thing that didnt meet the minimum requirements.
My motherboard is a 775Twins-HDTV and I would like to not have to replace that. I know I can not go above 4GB of RAM with that board and am limited with updating my CPU.
My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS so I am thinking I need to upgrade that also.

I guess first I would like to know what fast CPU's can I upgrade to without replacing my board?
If I need to replace my board then what CPU+motherboard combo's are good for a decent price?
And what is an entry level video card that is going to let me play Diablo 3 smoothly?
Thanks for the help
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  1. i think u should just upgrade ur video card that would be enough to play diablo 3

    rest if u want to upgrade to quad core or dual core thats ur wish

    but 7900 is not done
  2. Any Video Card Recommendations?
  3. The problem is with your board is that it won't allow you to reach up to the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors which is really where you want to be on the low end. You can try to find something like an Intel Pentium® D processor like one of these,27520,27521,27522,28011,27518,27517,27516,42114,27515,27514,27513,27512 but in the end it isnt going to be much of an improvement. I would really look at replacing the processor, board, and memory to to something like an H61 chipset based board, an Intel Pentium G620, and 4GB (2 x 2GB) of DDR 3 1333 memory all of which may cost you under $160.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. but video card is a must

    what is ur budget
  5. I don't really have a budget but not looking to spend over $400-500 I guess?
    Just something that can run Diablo 3 stable with no hiccups?

    IntelEnthusias- I was looking at these for my board, proccessor and memory. Does it all match up and look like it would run well?

    The board is a little cheap and I am willing to upgrade if you have a better opinion?
  6. It will run. Good for the money you are spending, but not the fastest stuff out there. Should be enough to handle D3 though.

    What about PSU and GPU? You might be better off grabbing a used P4D and getting a 6670 or something like that. A new PSU as well if you need it. Here are the system requirements and make sure you get at least the 2.8GHz P4D.
  7. The power supply I have now is a GX 650W
    I was wanting to keep it if all possible.
    With the GPU, I am not sure exactly which direction to take with that and would love any suggestions.
  8. mj4261 said:
    The power supply I have now is a GX 650W
    I was wanting to keep it if all possible.
    With the GPU, I am not sure exactly which direction to take with that and would love any suggestions.

    The Radeon HD 6770 is the most cost-effective GPU to max out D3 at 1080p, if you are gaming at 1280 x 1024 a 6670 is good. Here are some benchmarks:,3195-5.html

    Edit: For a budget card get a HD 6570, which easily overclocks to get better performance than a stock 6670.
  9. Awesome! I will go with the 6570. Anyone have any suggestions for motherboard?
    Going to be having these 2 also.
  10. I'd try to get the 6670/6750 if at all possible. Can you afford that with the mobo/cpu/ram combo you are looking at?
  11. Yes the 6670 is actually on sale right now on NewEgg so I will do that.
    I am trying to find a bundle mobo/CPU on NewEgg for a good price.
    Would love any suggestions
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