Is this a good first time build?

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  1. Looks great. Hope all goes good with your build.
  2. none of my parts would bottleneck the computer, would they?
  3. it is alright, Some parts you could swap but GOOD luck!
  4. Another reason NEWEGG sucks now..

    YOUR price for that graphics

    220$ /210$

    Well thats WITHOUT tax


    189.99$ just saved you 30 bucks.

    AND free 2 day shipping.

    and NO QUESTIONS ASKED amazon 30 day return policy.

    Newegg is going down the tubes. You all remember the good newegg as i do, But they are taking advantage of that.

    They RAISE prices on holidays. And are skyrocketing year round. Amazon is better. Dunno why people dont see it.
  5. One opinion doesn't prove a thing tbh.
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