512mb HD 4870 crossfireee!

So I'm putting together my most current rig and I can't wait the few months until AMD drops their new line. I was thinking about toying around with these cheap 4870s in cfx. The only catch is that they're 512mb cards... But they're temporary so who cares right?


Does anyone have any experience with crossfiring these lower, slower end cards with newer, faster rigs?

My specs (1366x768 resolution):
- 2500K @ 4.0ghz
- 8GB DDR3 1600
- 800w

Plenty of power to really push these cards on a low enough resolution that it wouldn't hurt having only 1GB between the two.
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  1. Even if the two combined sum up 1gb you'll only be able to use 512 mb.

    I think it'd be a wiser decition to save the $110 those cards'll cost you and buy once but buy big, the fist 7xxx cards are supposed to be releasing by the end of december.

    There shouldn't be any problems running those 4870's in CF on your rig, just make sure your mobo supports crossfire with at least x8/x8 slots .
  2. Yea, I know my system will run those cards with no problem. The reason why I'm tossing around the idea is because I currently have no video card to run (well, I do, in another comp, but that's my HTPC). Most of the cards around the $100-110 range will get stomped on by even just one of these cards, so I was thinking maybe picking up 2 for cfx. And whenever the new cards DO come out, I could easily sell these for $80 or so (I don't mind, I see it as "renting"), and use that cash towards a 7970 or something of that nature ;)

    I just wanted to see if anyone else has experience with these older cards paired with newer components, 'tis all. This could be somewhat of a learning block for me as I've never had dual ATI/AMD cards before, however I have had a dual SLI setup in the past (which is seems to be sort of different).
  3. There should be no problems as far compatibility.
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