Strange temp reading on new build. Please Help !!


I've just finished my new build and it's been running like a champ, have installed all drivers and windows update and thought everything was fine.

I downloaded Open hardware monitor like some on here recommend and i noticed one very concerning temp reading. Please see attached pic and helped me out (have side by side w/ asus ai suite which seems to think everything is fine).

From what i gather this Novuton NCT6776F is some kind of sensor? but what is with the 90+C temp? :o

All i can think of is maybe i got some thermal paste somewhere bad?

asus p8z68 LX
i5 2500k
hyper 212+
Crucial M4 128g
8g gskill 1333 ram
ocz 600w psu

Edit: Now with pic
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    Get that program and see if it give similar readings, if so, then try to reseat your CPU heatsink and fan and remember to apply only a pea sized amount of thermal paste and make sure all parts of the top of the CPU is covered
  2. Ok,

    Heres a side by side Open hardware monitor and Coretemp.

    It doesnt mean much to me.. what is TJ Max? This is my first build so appreciate if any vets can help me out... do i have anything to worry about? I dont want this thing to burn down my house.

  3. use these to compare temp then ( did you apply paste correctly between cpu and cooler) report readins back
  4. Here you go

    Anyone seen this before or have any ideas?
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