How to upgrade asus p5ld2 motherboard processor

I have a working ASUS P5LD2 Ver 1.0 with a Pentium D 805 processor. I picked up a refurb Pentium D 950 processor to upgrade but now pc wont boot & DVD rom is making a cluncking noise. I reinstalled the 805 and things are working perfectly.

Any ideas why the 950 won't boot?
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  1. First guess is you don't have the right BIOS installed.
    From CPU support list of Asus P5LD2

    Pentium D 950(3.4GHz, 800 FSB, L2 4MB, revB1) BIOS ver 0901
    Pentium D 950(3.4GHz, 800 FSB, L2 4MB, revC1) BIOS ver 1103
    Pentium D 950(3.4GHz, 800 FSB, L2 4MB, revD0) BIOS ver 1302
  2. Your 1st guess is correct, I still have bios ver 0603. Now getting the bios updated has been a real pain in the neck... I followed asus instructions which is to load bios installer AFUDOS v 2.32 and bios ver 1903 onto a thumb drive, then reboot with thumb drive installed, press F8 to select thumb drive and flash bios. Seems easy enough and I even watched a youtube video, but when I select the usb drive the system just hangs with a black screen?????

    Any ideas????
  3. No ideas jump out.

    You might cruise the Asus motherboard support forums and see what issues other BIOS updaters are having and how they work out the problems.

    Might not hurt to drop a new topic in the THG Forum Motherboard section and see if the experts there know about any AFUDOS work arounds.
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