Which side will the cabinet fan face

I have purchased a Cooler Master BC 80mm LED fan and installed it in the side of the CPU Cabinet.
But I'm not sure which side the fan should face.
Whether the air will blow in or the air will come out..
Currently, the air is blowing inside the CPU.
Is this OK..???
Thank You
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  1. I will put it towards the CPU which means that the cold air go to the CPU.
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    If you look at the fan body, there are four legs supporting the motor in the middle, the side that these legs are on is the side that will blow on you if its facing you,
    for a sidefan you want those at the inside as you have it now, so the air gets pulled into the case,
    its fine as it is, no need to change it
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  4. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help :)
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