Antec HCG 620m (620w)

Anyone see an issue with the Antec HCG 620m (620W) PSU powering the below rig?

Gigabyte motherboard Z68-D3H-B3 (Intel socket 1155)
C4 60gb ssd (OS)
WD Black Caviar 650gb HHD
EVGA GTX 560 (Super OC by EVGA)
G Skill 2x2gb 1600
I5 2500k
Windows 7 64bit
Cool Master Hyper 212 Heatsink Fan
200mm system fan
2x120mm system fan
ASUS optical drive

Thanks in advance
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    GTX 560 .. or GTX 560 ti?

    Either way - HCG 620M has more than enough power and plenty in reserve for future upgrades.
  2. GTX 560

    Thanks WR2!
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  4. Has enough power for 2x GTX 560s if you ever want to SLI.
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