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Noctua NH-D14 fan direction help!

I just removed my old thermal compound from my cpu and mounted back my noctua.

However,because I didn't mount the computer the first time, I'm thinking the fans where pointing in the wrong direction.

First, there is an arrow on the fans, I imagine that it means where the air comes OUT (so the air goes where the arrow points). Can someone confirm this to me?

Second, I imagine that each aluminium cooling fin to work correctly should be "cooled" by the fan. So every fan must have the arrow pointing to the fin, and both fans should point to "outside". Am I wrong here? I'm expecially not sure of this part, because I don't know if every fan should point to a fin (and both should point outside).
If that's the case, I have a problem because the hooked clips are mounted in the wrong direction, so how can I remove those, are there any guide or any suggestion? I tried removing them but it's quite hard and I don't want to break anything.

Thanks for any suggestion.
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    yes the arrows indicate direction of fan rotation and direction of airflow

    if you have 2 fans then one should be pointing into the fins, and one should be pointing out of the fins.

    typically the one pointing into the fins would be the bottom one or the front most one (depending on which way round it is)
  2. Sorry I'm stupid xD. I'm following this guide:,3053-5.html

    Is correct in this way?
    Yellow: Noctua fans
    Blue: Fins
    Red: Fans
  3. that works.
  4. you want the air to get blow out the back of the case. :D
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  6. Ok I just understood however that I can't do that setup directly, basic 1 fin will not have any fan pushing the air INTO it (the one on the right) because the hooked clips are in "the wrong direction", so I can attach the right fan only all on the left :(

    Thanks anyway, I'll buy a new fan and make a 3 fans noctua!!
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