Need a new amd cpu for a am3 board

my cpu went out the same time my motherboard died and I need advice on which of these cpu`s I should get; the phenom II x 4 980, 970,
the phenom II x 6 1090t, and the 1100t. I know alot of people will tell me to go intel but I have everything set up for the amd the way i like it and I will see what august shows the desktop version of trinity/piledriver. i do gaming and videos so what amd chip should I get and another important factor where can I buy a boxed chip at.
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  1. If you can find it (a BIG if), go with the 1100t or 1090t. If not, the 970 or 980 are both good choices. Since you're just doing this to tide you over until Piledriver, I'd say just go with whichever one you can find for the best price.

    And Newegg and Amazon are great places to go for boxed CPU's.
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