4890 1gb vs 4890 1gb xfired with 4870 512mb???

Hi, my computer:

6gb ddr3@1600
1080p monitor
48901gb currently.
games:bf3 desire to play on ultra settings at 1080p.

Would I notice any performance increase if I added a 4870 512mb(I can pick it up for only 50 bucks off newegg, a steal)? I know it will limit my vram to 512 which is my only cocern.
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  1. It will then perform like 2 x HD4870 512MB in CF. I guess it would be faster but You would have to deal with 2 card issues and is your PSU up to it?
  2. I think, 750 watts.
  3. crazekid362 said:
    I think, 750 watts.

    If quality then enough!
  4. Will a 1gig 4890 crossfire with a 512mb 4870? I thought the memory size needed to be the same between the two cards or will it just recognize the 512mb from the 2nd 4870? It may be a better idea to just go with a 6870 for ~ $150 and sell your 4890.

    4890 - $70
    4850 - $50
    Total - $120

    For only $30 more you can go with a solution that's almost as fast as the crossfired cards and you'll more than make up the difference in a year of solid use when on your power bill since the 6870 uses significantly less juice than your single 4890.

    Not to mention prices on the 6000 series AMD cards should be dropping in around two months.
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