Final $700 gaming build. Critique is appreciated!

Hey guys I know I have made a lot of posts on different builds but this is probably going to be my final one. It all added up to $756.92. I am getting it mainly for Diablo 3 to play on high settings and occasionally surfing the internet. I was wondering if there is anywhere that I could possibly cut down the price to get it close to $700 or possibly under. Thanks for your help.

i5 2400

Case: Antec 300

Optical Drive


Video Card



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  1. that looks great antec cases don't have very good cable management try getting the its the same price
  2. Looks very good, a slight suggestion is the case like Tokiinz said.

    I suggest the NZXT Tempest 210
    NZXT Tempest 410
    Both are a great deal as of now
  3. So is there anywhere that I could possibly cut the price?
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