Selling a computer, what should I charge?

Hey all, I've got a computer that's been sitting around for a bit as a server, and I'm looking to sell it... but I don't know what to charge. The specs are as follows:

Phenom II 965
XFX HD 6870
500gb HDD
Antec 900 case
Some generic cd drive.
450w PSU
4gb ddr2 ram @667mhz
Msi 790xt-g45 mobo

I'm at a loss for what to ask for it... one person offered $450 but I think it's a bit low. I'm looking to sell on ebay, and I plan to use the funds to purchase a 7970 for my rig. What do you all think it's worth? I was thinking around 6-7 hundred but I'm not sure.
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  1. check how much the sell used parts on the net and compare price with yours and the time been using them
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