Sony vaio PCG-7112L 2.8 GHZ processor upgrade

My Laptop has a Intel Core Duo 2 processor @1.83 GHZ, I was wondering where I could get an upgrade for it so that it can run @ 2.8 GHZ (My goal is to be able to play Diablo III:)
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  2. Usually, laptops are not upgradeable (especially "mass-production" models like Sony). You can try to get to service manuals for your laptop, check what processors does it support (e.g. whether there are / were similar models with higher processors), and start hunting for that processor. In short - it's closed to impossible. You better try to sell this one, and buy one which can play D3.
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    Double and triple posting will get you banned.

    my apologies, I posted first then made an account and thought the first one didn't go through so I made another post, my bad first forum i ever used
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    I could not agree Alabalcho giving the "Best Answer" to this thread.
    I recently got a Sony PCG-7112L for free, so I decided to upgrade it for the use of daily office operation, like playing video and running Microsoft office.

    For OS upgrade, I have no problem to upgrade to Windows 8, all drivers are working and running very well.
    For hardware, I am using my existing old hardware, I upgrade it to a 60GB Sandisk SSD, 4GB memory, and I paid $40 for the T9500 CPU, which works perfectly and super fast.

    Many laptop is upgradable, of course you need some knowledge, skills and patients. But yes, Some laptops/tablets are very difficult to upgrade, I personally own a Sony Duo 11, they are so compact, so small and hence very difficult to dissemble, the memory module of Sony Duo 11 is specially designed by Sony, so users have no way to upgrade by themselves.

    But still I enjoyed pretty much upgrading laptop, I personally upgraded more than 20 laptops, making use of old old day machines, transforming them into a fairly powerful machine at least can do most of the daily works without any problems.
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