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Alright so I asked on yahoo answers already and this guy said my PC, this:

Can only use low profile graphics cards due the small tower.

And also he said that my power supply was only 220 Watts which is not good enough. And low profile video cards all usually need 300 watts power supply. So I'm basically helpess right now. I got no idea what to do. I don't want to sell the PC and buy a new one, parents wouldn't let me... but yea he told me to go on which is a Canadian PC hardware site and I found this.

I don't know how much PSU it needs but yea, all I need is something decent, I don't want a Intel Graphic card that sucks so bad..

Help me please.
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  1. Add: These are pictures of the inside of my Computer,Sh4LM,DMpm7,4BRNM,P2NzL,1NT4F
  2. You would probably get away with this on your current PSU, it is low profile ready but I do not see the low profile bracket!
  3. are you sure my PSU can handle that cuz I'm actually thinking of just buying a new PC but u sure my PC can use this?
  4. It takes max 45 watts, that means your PC would run at around 200watts max under load.
  5. rolli59 said:
    It takes max 45 watts, that means your PC would run at around 200watts max under load.

    I'm sorry but where do you see it exactly?
  6. rolli59 said:
    Even with 5570 less than 200watts with stress test

    Well would it be possible to play games like MW3 with this ? do u know anyother ones on newegg that is better than this one and my PC can still handle.
  7. Those would be beginning gaming cards that could do low setting low resolution. MW3 would be little difficult for it. A better plan would be saving up for a tower case and move your components over with a bigger PSU and a gaming card!
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