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H80 cooler installation problem

hey all,
I'm having a problem understanding how I get the screws that you need to use to attach the fans to the radiator and then to the case to go all the way in...
when I try to install it on my case I put the washer on the outside of the case and thread the screw through the case then the fan and into the radiator hole. however trying to screw it in from there only allows a couple of turns leaving over half a cm of the screw and causing the fan and the radiator to be loose :(
anyone who has this know what I am doing wrong? and yeah I'm a novice :D
hoping to hear some feedback soon,
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  1. The screws should go all the way in, but don't force them. The screws may compress some of the fins on the radiator a bit and might require a firm twist to get in (this is what happened to me with the H100). But, all should be ok. Just make sure that the screws are in straight.
  2. I still have like 7mm of screw to go and it just won't seem to go any further...
    mind you the cooler still runs fine, just that I don't think its on properly
    and the radiator mesh is in the way so I really don't see how I was supposed to get them in all the way anyway. did you just screw right into the radiator?
    cos I'd need a drill for that :0
    cheers for the reply,
  3. NO! I didn't mean to drill! lol

    I wish there was a pic :(

    Any way to post one?
  4. will do!
  5. ahh how do I upload an image?
  6. I hope someone else knows >.<
  7. nevermind I'll just leave it as it is for now...
    thanks for the support :)
  8. sorry :(
  9. No one else knows whats goin on? :(
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    Learned how to post a pic.

    1) take the pic
    2) upload it to your computer
    3) go to a host like Image Shack
    4) upload pic to the host
    5) post a link to the pic here

    There are other ways I am sure, but this should at least let me see what you are describing.
  11. well it seems the cooler works fine even though the screws aren't in properly so its all good for now...
    thanks for the support vollman1 :)
  12. yw good luck with it :)
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