ALL Please help me with Case questions

Please help me with case advice. First off, I have some questions. I want to build a system a system with the following:

1 Gigahertz Athlon Type C
GeForce 3
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Plantinum
Motherboard that supports 266 Mhtz FSB and RAM bus (undecided on brand at this time)
IBM Deskstart 75GXP
Global Win FOP32-1
Additional cases fans (not sure how many)

My first question is what level of wattage (power supply) I need to supply enough power for all of these components?

I see Power Supplies in the ranges of 250, 300, 350, 400, and 420. Are there any other supplied level that are sold other than these?

From what I have read the Addtronic 6896A sees to be popular. If you use this case please tell me what you liked and what you did not like. Also, on the addtronic web site I only see this case offered with 250, 300, and 420 Watt power supplies. Why don't they offer a 350? If I went with this case what power supply would you recommend to take care of my computer components and give me some room to grow?

Thanks in advance...Chris

I saw this site in another thread and it does seem to have a lot of good review information. Though I still would like to hear about people unbiased experiences...
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  1. I can answer your first and second question but not your third, as I have not used an Addtronic case, nor have I kept on my toes about them too much...
    For your system, I would say that an AMD approved 300W power supply will be enough, unless if you plan on adding TONS AND TONS of fans.
    Yes, wattage of power supplies will depend on what wattage the manufacturer wants to make them, so there is variation (e.g. the once-often-used 235w power supplies).

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  2. If you like the Addtronics 6896A, you might want to check out the modified version made by <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and resold through <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, but I personally prefer the <A HREF="" target="_new">Addtronics W8500</A> before the 6896 because of the WTX form factor. While Addtronics does make some excellant cases, there are other cases I prefer before them which you can see <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.
  3. I'm building a similar system and have been researching components for the last two weeks. A 300W PS should be sufficient for your power needs based on the system you describe. Just make sure you buy a good one, they are not all equal. For great info on power supply quality, go to

    I'm still looking at cases myself. Today I found an Avance 7004 computer case at Looks like an excellent case for only $45 (no PS). It got great reviews from their site as well as another thorough review at Pham also sells quality power supplies and shipping is only $4. I'm seriously considering The Avance 7004 with an Enermax 300W PS.

    I'm not sure all the extra fans will make that much of a difference. The AMD website voices some concerns that in extreme cases a front fan may work against the rear fan. Most reviews I have read showed that a second fan did not make much of a difference. I'm going with a one exhaust fan and either a Silverado or Alpha 6035 (Papst fan) HSF. Good luck.
  4. I front fan may work against the rear fan (in extreme cases) if both the front and rear fans are blowing air in or both the front and rear fans are blowing air out. The front fan will absolutely not work against the rear fan if the front fan is blowing air in while the rear fan is blowing air out.

    By having 2 or more fans you help keep the case temperature down (especially if you have the latest generation T-Birds or P-4 CPUs, GeForce 2 graphics card, or 7200 or higher rpm hard drive which all will help warm up your case). Having a cooler case temperature will definately help keep your hardware temps down.
  5. Thanks for all of your great advice. I spoke with Jim at and am very seriously considering the Addtronics 6896 "Hot Rod" version. So before I sink so much money into this case I just want to know if anybody has had issues with ATX form factor motherboards fitting in this case with adequate room for cables and cards? I don't expect that would happen but just in case you have had any bad experiences with this case please let me know.

    Thanks! Chris
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