How do i change from lga775 to 1155 without reinstall

ive cloned hdd,

is it best to uninstall old drivers first then install new hardware then new drivers

or would i have to use windows disk to do a repair install after taking off old drivers and new hardware

i know there is a "sysprep" tool that should remove hardware dependensies and things but i have no idea what it does/how to use it or if it will leave programs and settings in place without modifying them

as im going from a foxconn 45cmx, core e7600 and 3gb ddr3

to an asus 1155 motherboard,i5 2500 and 8gb ddr3

any help would be apreciated
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  1. You probably already know this is a really bad thing to do, and very messy even if you end up with a working system, but that being said you may be able to use sysprep to help.

    If you run it from an admin command prompt using the /generalize /shutdown switches, then move the drive over to your new machine it may boot up and install what hardware it can. You should probably uninstall anything that's in add/remove programs specifically related to hardware that isn't present in your new system such as the packages that normally install with sound cards or video cards. It won't necessarily hurt anything if you don't, but a lot of times you can't remove them after you are using this on the new system because it won't uninstall if it can't detect the hardware. Hopefully you are using the 64bit version of Win7 on your older machine as you will definitely want to on your new machine, and there is no option other then reinstalling with a Win 7 64bit disc if you current OS is 32bit. Windows likely would not activate on your new machine though, but your programs should still be there except for things that use the machines SID as part of the registration process which I think most adobe programs do this. You would need to put in a new key for the Windows 7 activation, and install drivers at that point. I've only worked with Win7 enterprise, and have never tried using sysprep on a retail version of WIndows and it may not even be there for all I know.

    It's located in c:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\sysprep.exe on Win7 Enterprise

    I would make sure you've got everything backed up, and were prepared for this process if it didn't work.
  2. thanks for that, im staying with same os. win7 x64 professional

    i think ill see if i can get it to work with just transfering hdd and removing unused drivers

    ill try a repair install if i need to.

    it will arrive on tuesday-wednesday so ill post what happens then
  3. Simple way
    uninstall your IDE or SATA drivers, if your SATA HDD runs in AHCI mode enable the MSAHCI sata driver in the registry (google). remove drive insert into new machine, you might have to run the windows repair cause boot ID string might change, then should work good.

    I did that to move my SSD Win7 X64 install from a AMD 890FX platform to a X79 platform with no hassles at all

    (dont forget to remove your old drivers and install the new ones, even if stuff works)
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