7970 won't fit! Gah! Help w/ Mobo/Case!

Hey all. I just received my 7970 today (woo) anyway, I came across the problem. My 7970 won't fit on my mobo. it's blocked @ all 3 PCI ports by the SATA cables, one of those weird things @ the south end of the Mobo, and then a reset switch. (this is my mobo

Also, it turns out, it won't fit in my computer case as well, even if I was to get another Mobo. So I have to get another case as well. (I think, unless anyone can help.- this is my case

So anyone have any suggestions for a Mobo/case combo? Looking to keep it under $350 total. My preferred case would be this...

So ya! Thanks in advance. I'm not going to be trying to crossfire this (at least at the time being; if I were, it'd be a year or so down the road) For what it's worth, my CPU is intel.
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    looked like it would have worked, however it turns out I jumped the gun =P. The middle section worked after all, just needed to remove my sound card for it to fit. have to live with onboard for now! small price to pay however!
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