Onboard Realtek HD Audio - No Sound

Hello all. I've been working on this for nearly a week now, with no results. I built a brand new PC and can't get the onboard audio to work. It's Realtek HD Audio.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit SP1
Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Processor: Intel i5 2550k
CPU: Radeon HD 7850

So I'm not able to get any sound at all...not from the onboard audio, and not from the front panel audio. I'm giving up on the front panel for now, just focusing on the onboard ports. I'm just using 2.0 speakers, which work on all my other devices. They're plugged into the lime colored input port, although I've tried all other ports as well just in case. The Realtek HD Audio drivers are up to date, and everything in the Device Manager is happy. Speakers are set as my default output device in the control panel.

What I've discovered is that when my front panel audio is connected and enabled, the Realtek HD Audio Manager won't even detect the back panel ports. Even when nothing is plugged into the front audio port. So for now, I've got the front panel disabled completely. I'll fight that battle another day.

So now the Realtek HD Audio Manager picks up the back panel. Yay! I even show audio going to them in the sound mixer. But I'm not getting anything out of the speakers.

Here's a screenshot of the Realtek HD Audio Manager, as well.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on here? I feel like the onboard audio is defective or something. However, I do hear the speakers pop when I reboot the PC. I think it must be something software-related, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.
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  1. Well, I was wrong before. I don't think it really was picking up the back panel. I had an old sound card in the system for testing purposes...it was old enough that it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. I had it disabled in device manager. I shut down the PC and removed it. When I started the PC up again it says there aren't any sound devices at all. Everything still looks good in device manager. My video card has digital audio outputs as well, so I disabled the AMD audio device.

    So now my speakers aren't detected. It does pick up Realtek Digital Output, which it tries to send everything to by default. I don't have any speakers that use that connector (S/PDIF) so I disabled the device.

    Here's the Realtek Audio Manager now. It's a little depressing to look at. It still acts like the S/PDIF port is active, although there's nothing plugged in there.

    If I disable front panel jack detection it shows the front mic and headset port are enabled. But I still don't get any audio out of my speakers, regardless of where I plug them in (front or rear ports).

  2. Hi, did you or anyone esle sovle this recurrent problem ? We are thousands in the Forum with the same issue. Thank you.
  3. fabienroth said:
    Hi, did you or anyone esle sovle this recurrent problem ? We are thousands in the Forum with the same issue. Thank you.

    Thousands is correct, and no1 seems to know... :(
  4. HI! It's been a year since the last person posted, and I don't think I can solve this. Anyone have a solution yet? Thousands of people with the same issue, and no solution?
  5. Don't know if I can help, and am not sure where you are with the problem. A couple questions, though, and some thoughts.

    Have you gone into the BIOS and selected on-board sound or RealTek sound? I don't know where it would be but check it out if you haven't done it make the changes.
    Also, make certain any drivers from your old sound card are deleted.
    Of course, before doing that plug in your speakers; the lime green plug is correct.
    (( Note: the AMD High Def/digital sound is transmitted ONLY through your HDMI port on the video card. If you are NOT using an HDMI cable it will not make any difference whether enabled or not. Can leave it disabled just to be sure))
    Once you have done the above, open control panel, click on sound (you probably do this in your sleep, in the nightmares), and see if you get a picture like your original posted last year.
    REPOST, with a pix if you can, and we will go from there.
  6. I have an existing Intel Board D915GAV running on XP and have discovered that using Realtek Audio drivers WDM R268 and beyond disables the audio inputs of my Realtek audio devices. So after many trials and errors, I have to revert back by using a previous driver WDM R265 so that the audio input devices can be recognized. After installing WDM R265, the three input devices namely Line Volume, Mic Volume and Stereo Mix now have volume levers that are fully functional with crystal clear sound input. WDM R265 was released sometime Sept 2011 and probably supported 5.1 channel devices. So my theory is that newer driver releases are only good and functional for newer board models which support more than 5 audio channels. Try to install this older driver to see if it can enable your audio input devices. If it does then stay with it, no need to update with newer releases since your board may not be supported in future releases. Hope this helps everyone who are experiencing non-functional realtek audio input problems.

    WDM R265 September 2011 released
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