Fatal error when trying to uninstall driver!Help

I was trying to install my HD 6850 card when I was downloading the driver it said there was a error after it stoped downloading. My card was failing a few times up till that point windows keeped saying that my graphics card has failed but recovered.
I have been having issues with this card ever scene I got it.

I got another Card that is Asus and works fine when I installed that again and I went into safe mode and deleted all the drivers with sweep.

Now when I tryed to install new driver with new card, through AMD it says that the driver is already installed.

I go into add and remove programs and try to uninstall it there and it says first window cannot find file, then right after that is says fatal error during instillation....
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  1. Well I managed to get the driver to install but now it wont detect my second Monitor...
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