2 desktops, 1 speaker

I have 2 machines (Win 7, Win XP) but only 1 set of speakers and monitor.
For the monitor I have it hooked up via both DVI and VGA (though the VGA is stuck on really low res :??: )

So the question is, how do I hook up my speakers so I can toggle sound between the desktops? I only need sound from one machine at a time.
One is for gaming and the other for vid+music+other.

Trying to see if there are other options than DVI KVM w/ audio.
Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Radio Shack audio switch.
  2. I actually forgot to mention that my speakers use the regular 3.5mm heads.

    Anyway searching RadioShack for an audio switch did not come up with much. Most did not support the 3.5mm head. Also alot of the suggestions were KVMs.

    I did find this though,

    and for the DIYers,
    (edit: linking to instructables is not allowed?)

    Still not sure which one I should use.

    Couple of other things I read. Works?
    - Using a Y adapter cable.
    - comp A (out) --> (in) comp B (out) --> speakers.

  3. Anyone know if using something like this would work?
    For a little over $1 too! Hope it does.

    I know it's short but if I extended it? :sarcastic:
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