Help me build a computer. plz ;p

So i have been in the market for a computer for a few months now and haven't found anything to my satisfaction yet. I have wanted to build a computer for roughly 4 yrs now, but frankly it kinda scares me. i would love to build one but i deff need help. but before i get to telling you guys what I am looking for in a computer ill tell you a little about what i know about computers.

I am self taught, i mainly work on trouble shooting computers. virus removal and the like. I have some knowledge about computer parts and specs. but just the bare minimum to be able to shop around and get a decent deal on a computer.

So. know that you know a little bit about what i know. heres kinda what i want. (i am willing to take suggestions though)

CPU intel core i5 2500k
1tb hdd
8gbs ram
GPU. i am looking for a decent GPU something around the performance of the Radeon HD 6770. but if there are better for cheaper let me know.
Price. well i was looking for some were in the 500$ range. but would go up to 600ish.

Yeah i know not much to go off of. and a small budget. but to help even more here is kinda what i plan to use it for. I use programs such as adobe dreamweaver, flash, after effects. and programs like those. i play games here and there. mainly minecraft, command and conquer red alert 3, and games like those.

So that's basically all i can think of to add to this post. if you have any questions plz ask i will be happy to answer. and thx for the help in advanced.
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  1. I would want it to be about $600 because windows 7 is $100 alone. You could get an 6790 or 6850 in the range ($100-130). Don't think you will be able to afford the i5 so instead either look at AMD or an i3 ($150 max).

    For a PSU you will only need this.

    You will only need 4 GB of ram which is only $26.

    For a hard drive you won't want to spend that much of your budget on a hdd the price are still way too much.


  2. do you think the 430w power supply is big enough? ive been told i need atleast 500W. I am really stuck on the intel core i5 2500k but i would be willing to go with an amd processor if you can suggest one that is comparable to the core i5. from what i have heard nothing amd has can compare to the i5, but i could be happily wrong.
  3. Well the i5 is much better than any AMD.

    The 430w should be more than enough but if it bothers you this also works.
    Not Modular-
  4. Hmm i'm really looking for 8gbs of ram. and like i said that is my budget. but i am willing to fudge a little if i can get exactly what i want. the reason why i said 500-600 is because thats what i have seen pre built computers with these specs go for (on sale mind you). how do those GPU's compare to the one i listed? the i list was just kinda of a ballpark range i was looking for. Um and talking about the ram. is it really needed to have the heat fins? i have never had ram with the heat fins before but i dont know much about that.

    ugh so many questions. lol thanks for the help so far
  5. Honestly the 430w didnt bother me. i have no idea what it needs TBH. i have just been told that thats small. but that could just be from people who have to have the best of the best.
  6. With the price of HDD nowadays, a terabyte will probably break the bank, try to settle for something like 320gb or 500gb, They will get you far. The 6770 is perfect, it will destroy minecraft lol, 430w is perfect for this build, start with 4gbs of ram, i know you like editing, but its a 20 dollar upgrade to 8gb, And definatly go with AMD, either go with the phenom ii , or the fx chip
  7. Unless you plan on overclocking, the i5 definitely isn't needed. The i3 2120 performs just as well in everyday applications, and even in games. You can't game and have other things open at the same time, but the i3 2120 is a very solid choice.
  8. RAM does not need heatspreaders, it only helps with higher latency ram, like 1600 and higher, but 1333 is perfect. And before you go into which cpu is better, Do the reasearch, its not worth spending $250 on an i5 and then go out and buy a $50 motherboard becuase it doesnt fit in the budget, Go on youtube and look up some build videos, and really do your research and know what you think you want, then come here, because here, you will get a lot of mixed reviews.
  9. Hmm. well i would like to OC when i get to it and have the money to get a bit better cooling. the biggest reason why i was going for the i5 was because of the OC capability and because of how long it should last me. i dont plan on buying another computer for......well... forever. lol just joking. but seriously i dont plan on getting one for as long as possible. last i checked the i3 ran about 100$ cheaper than the i5. but at that price i think it would be worth it. what do you guys think?

    Lol i know the GPU would kill minecraft. but how well do you think it would do with games such as prortal 2 and red alert 3? i would love to be able to run at 1080 but idk if it could.

    Concerning the HDD. didnt think they were that expensive. considering i just picked up a 1TB usb powered external seagate for 90$ off of amazon.

    20 for 4 more gigs of ram? seems like you should go ahead with the 8GB right? idk i know my budget is very low. but i guess what im trying to see is how much my "perfect" computer would cost and then cut cost once i flip out about the price. lol ;p

    if you guys could name a amd that is the closest to the i5 as there is that would be great.
  10. The_creed4 your right and i dont plan on doing that. i have been doing research for the last 4 days straight. and the reason why i am leaning toward the i5 2500k is because at first i was going to fork out the cash for the i7 but soon learned that the i5 2500k is not much different and is a ton cheaper. Like i said i know my budget is really low. but i would like to get a computer and not have to get a new one and/or upgrade the one im getting for a while. but i still need to have the best bang for the buck i can get.
  11. Well, comparing AMD to Intel is hard with the higher end chips like the i5, since AMD is a real contender for price/performance, But if you go all out on a cpu, then there is no contest intel is the winner, I dont really think OC'ing is necessary, especially If your going to drop a lot of money on a really good cpu. The 6770 will run almost every game on high settings, portal 2 and C&C will run like a dream, So dont worry about that. Me being very cheap, i think 1 tb is A SH*$ TON of space, you can buy a 500gb, then grab 8gb of ram right off the bat, If you will ever need more space, the next time you will be looking at HDD the price should have dropped. Other than that you should be good
  12. Ok lets add up the things you want.

    i5-2500k $230
    CPU Cooler $30
    HDD 500GB $85
    Case $50
    Memory 8GB $40
    Windows 7 $100
    Motherboard $75
    PSU 500w $40
    GPU 6850 $120 (I would prefer to step up to an 6870 though)
    That comes to a total of $770 after rebates. Can you see why it doesn't make sense spending that much on a CPU. If I were you, I would put in an i3 for now and when you have the money you can upgrade to on ivy bridge i5.
  13. OK well you have successfully convinced me about the HDD. if some could point out a good 500GB HDD that would be great. the reason i ask about the GPU is because i am so used to reading forums were the people have an a** load of money to spend and are convinced that only the best of the best is worth buying.
    that and i know crap about GPUs considering i have never had a comp that actually had one ;p
  14. And i understand, I dont really like continuously upgrading, but i only do that cause i cant save cash for the life of me, lol, But since you can get everything done at once, go with the i5 if you are comfortable on the price, go for 8gb, and if 100 bucks isnt too bad too you, then get a terabyte. But since you have done more researching on your current build than i have, then i think you know what is a good price for you. Other than that I still think you have a really decent build, a 6770 paired up with an i5 (possibly overclocked) is great, just dont forget the aftermarket cpu if you are going to be OC'ing.
  15. Andrew: first of all, explain to me why you would go for the 6850. and second of all what is an ivy bridge i5?
  16. Look up the 6770, people only have good reviews for it, and there are a lot of benchmark videos about it. It always gets good fps
  17. an ivybridge i5 is an i5, ivybridge is the codename for the cpu, the 6850 will outperform the 6770, but again, im trying to fir this in your budget,
  18. Well they 6770 is good but the 6790 isn't much more so I would spend the extra money there. If you are dead set on an i5 you can build a working computer minus a GPU and then get the GPU when you have the extra money.

    Ivy Bridge is the next generation (improvement) of the intel processors. The current version is Sandy Bridge. Should give more performance at the same clock rate. The reason I am pushing a more powerful GPU is that the price difference for the amount of improvement is substantial. If you want to play games that require more GPU power (BF3) you can but only on lower settings. Since your motherboard in this price range most likely won't support CF you don't have any option to upgrade except replacing the GPU. So its better to spend the money up front than spend more in the long run.
  19. Thx for the respect Creed, i do appreciate it that understand were im coming from. i do think you are right about the HDD. i didnt realize i would be dropping that much on a TB, so unless i find a really good deal on a TB ill be getting 500GB. OC'ing is just a thing i kinda want to do later on. but i still haven't learned all the pros and cons of it.

    Um what i would love to know is what is the diff between an i3 and an i5 at the same Ghz? other than OC ability i thought that the i5 would run better and more efficient than the i3. am i right about this? or not?
  20. Yeah, im waiting to get my gpu, kinda want to build it as fast as possible, But the specs of the 6770 and the 6790 are not that different, save $20 and stay with the 6770, the 6790 use older architecture, and are more power hungry
  21. The i5 (4 cores i5-2500k is 3.3Ghz 3.7Ghz turbo) has double the cores as an i3 (2 cores i3-2120 3.3 Ghz no turbo) and is a higher clock rate. Because of this it will outperform the i3 in all tasks.

    6790 reasoning,3107-3.html
  22. Andrew: OK i see what you mean about the GPU's and buying a computer and then getting the GPU later is definitely a possibility. im not dead set on the i5. the reason why i would like to get that one is because from my research it seems to be the best bang for the buck processor on the market right now. i could and am most likely wrong about that, and if so plz tell me what you think. and could you tell me what "CF" is?
  23. The i5 and the i3 are very much different, the i5 has intel 3000 graphics compared to the i3's 2000 graphics, The i5 has a larger cache, which makes it a lot faster than the i3, even at the same clock speed. The i5 is newer,better, and more expensive, there will be a noticeable difference between the both, but in your case, the difference will not matter, the graphics card will make up for the lost graphics with the i3,
  24. I am set on the 6770 because considering i have never even had a GPU it should be more able to handle more than expected. and i wouldnt mind saving the 20 buck for something else. such as the mother board.
  25. Hmm lol you 2 seem to be arguing very good point on both sides concerning the GPU. in one way i feel like, i would rather spend the extra 20ish bucks on something else in the comp. but on the other hand i feel like. what the heck 20 extra bucks cant do any harm. so im torn. i guess ill have to do some more research for myself on that one before i make a decision.
  26. Ok then fine the 6770 is still an ok option
    If you have a GPU the built in intel graphics don't matter at all. They will just be disabled.

    Yes the i5 is the best bang for the buck processor.

    Buying an GPU later is still an good option. Wouldn't be that long and by then the new GPU will be out.,14596.html
  27. Yah, me and you are very similar, i played on integrated graphics all my life, i was soo used to lag. But when i bought my gpu, it was such an enlightenment, the difference was so severe, i didnt know what to do. lol. But yes, i recomended the 6770 to my friend, and he bought it, and he is playing his games almost maxed, he cant max them because he has a very old pentium at 2.1ghz, but if he can almost max any game with his cpu, then you will defiantly be able to max any game.
  28. and i would get the xfx one. just personal preference. AND YOU GET A DOORHANGER
  29. OK so thats what i though about the difference between the i5 and the i3. which in my mind makes the extra money seem like it is worth it for sure, considering how fast cpus go out of date. i would like to get the best i can afford. so i dont have to get another one in 3 yrs. but yet again. im torn cause i would rather not spend the cash if i dont have to. but i would rather spend it now while i have it. then wait 3 yrs and have to buy another one. at a higher price prob. so that is something else that seems to be an issue. but lets just so we can move on into other parts. lets just say i decided to go with the i5 2500k (cost:229.00$) and the 6770 (cost:Roughly 100$)
  30. You WILL NOT be able to max any game. With the max settings on BF3 even the most powerful single GPU gets 70 FPS. That card is no where near that level of power. Sapphire is one of the best brands. The processor does matter when playing multi-player and your friend wouldn't be able to play 64 player maps only 32 player ones. In most cases the CPU doesn't effect the GPU unless it is very old. In three years all computer parts will be out of date. Better to get a good one now though because the new ones in three years might not work in the same motherboard.
  31. Andrew: Yeah i may end up going with getting a GPU later when i can afford it easier. but if i did that wouldnt i need to make sure to get a motherboard with onboard graphics? or do they all have that? oh and you still havent specified what "CF" stands for?
  32. ok, what about your psu, 500w should be good, and it would be cheaper to get a non modular one, i have the antec neo eco 520c 520w running right now and i love it, long cables and plenty of connections, and what case are you looking at
  33. yeah i know they will be out of date. but when i said out of date i meant like your computer is to slow to even run anything now, out of date. lol like a windows xp computer now kind of out of date.
  34. AND OMFG YES the cpu affects gameplay, BF3 and skyrim are very cpu intensive, they require a high clock rate with a large cache, which you can only get a large cache with higher end cpu's, dont even go there if you dont know what im talking about, and i am not talking about multiplayer, a 64 player battle will affect everything, unless you want to spend 800 bucks on a gpu that can handle that on ultra then go ahead, but the 6770 will be able to play high online, and ultra on single, google it
  35. sorry, i need to go,will check back tomorrow
  36. um. ok first thing. what is the diff in price between modular and non? and is it really worth it? i know my budget prob wont allow for the modular. but im curious. and im not sure about case yet. i have a lot of wants but i know most wont be in my budget. here are my wants (and i leave it up to you to bring me back to earth lol) : good cooling, air filter, quick change drives (quick change drives being what i want the most), and cord routing would be nice. oh yeah. and ofc i would like a few usb on the front and maybe even a headphone jack
  37. ok thx for the help creed. looking forward to what knowledge you have to offer tomorrow. :)
  38. LOL yeah im not worried about maxing out my games. im used to running everything on as low as it goes. so medium would be just pure awesome for me.
  39. Modular is when the cable built onto the PSU plug in so you only uses the ones that are needed and don't have a big jumble of wires at the bottom of your case, giving better airflow. Not that much of a difference.
    Not modular-

    CF stands for Cross Fire which is AMD's technology for installing two GPU on a single board (works with three and four too) and having them work together to give you a more powerful set up.
    Those 500w should be able to run CF on 6770 6790 and 6850. Although it would be preferable to get a 600w PSU.

    When you get an intel CPU it comes with intel graphics on it. So the motherboard never has the graphics with intel. What they do is only have certain chip sets on the motherboards support the graphics. So you would just have to get a z68 motherboard.
  40. OK thx i knew what modular was. lol one of the few things i do happen to know. So it looks like in my opinion a modular would be nicer to have if i can find it for a the same price. other wise its not worth it. Thanks for defining CF for me. i dont think i will ever use 2 GPU's. i would like to build an "ultimate" computer some day and then maybe 2 GPU's. so i think CF is not needed. but i appreciate the definition.
  41. CF is looked at more as an path for future upgrades. So a year or two down the line with new games that come out you will need something more powerful to handle them. Instead of replacing the GPU with a new one for a $100-150 you can add a second card (has to be same series for example 6790 and 6770) for much cheaper.

    Good night.

    p.s. why have I been arguing with a youngster this entire time :P
  42. hmm i see well i'll have to look at the diff in price between CF and non CF boards to see if its worth it. i thank you for you help. and hope i haven't completely driven you crazy with all my noobish questions.
  43. lol. your talking about creed right? lol
  44. thx. for the link. looks interesting. gonna go part compare
  45. OK so im trying to take things one part at a time and find the best price for each, while still getting what i want and good performance. So as of right now im looking at Power supplies. and it seems like 500W should be good. So looking at 500W ones the best price I can find is 40$ right now I am looking at 2 in particular.


    And The:

    which of these 2 would you pick? or could i get something better?
  46. See this is what i dont understand. I have found this computer could you build this computer for the same price or cheaper?
  47. The PSU and GPU in that prebuilt are garbage. The single most important thing you can put in your PC is the PSU. Dont go cheap just cause ya can, itll cause you more problems in the long run.

    Have a different philosophy than most on this forum, big believer in spending as much as you can on a GPU rather than CPU/mobo. But to each their own. Can run BF3 and Skyrim maxed out on my system at exceptional framerates.
  48. I do understand that part of it. But the thing is that i dont play games like those. probably the most demanding game i play (very rarely i must add) is red alert 3. and i have got by on a laptop with no GPU on medium graphics on that game. so personally i would be one to go with the cpu/mobo than gpu because nothing i do is really considered graphics intensive now days. TBH i mostly do multitasking hence the wish for high cpu and high ram. i run alot of dev programs and internet and word processing all at once. So i think that unless you are going for ultra high graphics on BF3 and the like paying out the wazoo for a GPU is nuts.

    Oh and that GPU in that prebuilt is good. infact its the one im shooting for.
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