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Best GPU without extra supply

Hello everyone. I have a N68-S motherboard, and the integrated GPU runs smoothly... practically nothing. I'm not exactly an avid gamer, and when I play I dont care about graphics, so I wanna ask you all, what GPU do you suggest that doesnt need an extra power supply, just the PCI energy? The most heavy graphic game I'll play will be probably Portal 2, but I dont care if it looks so-so at 1600 or less.

Thank you everyone for your answer.
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  1. 6670 i believe.
  2. What is your current power supply? I would generally only recommend the HD 6670 if you have at least a 300w PSU.
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    The HD 5670 is a good option. The HD 6670 is the latest version so it is a little more expensive, but both are about the same GPU.
    Both these cards are the fastest available without using a PCI express power connector , which means they get all of their power from the motherboard pci express slot. This is about 75 Watts max power that they pull.

    As jaguar said, a min 300W PSU is recommended since the rest of the system could easily pull just as much or more. Some manufacturers power supplies are woefully inadequate for upgrades, in particular Dell and Gateway are known for putting 200W PSU or less in their PCs.
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  5. Thank you all. I managed to obtain the -somehow small in quantity- HD 5670 1GB DDR5, and it's working like a charm. I know I cant ask for super graphics, but I've been playing SF IV in 1680x720 without problem. Thanks anyone for their answers.
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