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Second GPU in SLI setup isn't engaged

Okay, given that two PNY 560Ti cards are properly installed. MSI Afterburner software reads them both, as does device manager. During gameplay (My two current favorites, World of Tanks, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim), Afterburner indicates that only GPU1 is engaged. I've read that some games wouldn't render into two (or more) GPU's, but two for two regarding my two listed games? Bad luck that, is there a setting somewhere that I've missed?

Running on an ASUS P8 Z68-V Pro MB with 8GB RAM with a PC Power & Cooling PSU at baseline 750w, able to spike to 820w.

I just don't believe it's hardware. (Yes, I've applied the bridge). The afterburner has got them both set to 810 Mhz. The Nvidea control panel doesn't say anything at all about SLI, let alone settings. :pt1cable:
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  1. try both separatly.
  2. An interesting suggestion, considering that the first card has been working for a few months already before I installed it's sister. They are PNY 560's though there is a minor difference in designation. The older one is plain 560 as listed in the software. the second is listed as a 560 Ti. In all other respects they are the same except in timing, hence I had gotten the Afterburner, to tie them down to the same 810Mhz.

    Anyways, I did take the older one out, as to be sure in this inquiry that the newer one is working, which it did. I had noted when I first installed the second one that there was a failiure to install the driver for the second card via Windows update because "the yadda-yadda was already in use". So, I drew both out temporarily and reseated both of them. The driver did then install. But that apparently wasn't the problem.

    Another funny thing is, I've read that when an SLI is first booted up, one get an SLI bubble notifying the user that the system is now SLI. I've yet to see that.

    In any event, the new one is now the master as opposed to the older one, since they've been switched. But I've still yet to have my games utilize the second GPU.
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    You need to check that they both have the same core count, if one is a Ti and the other is not they won't SLi.
  4. I just read that else where. Now I'm pissed off, because for some assinine reason, once a company stops production on a product, any further orders are not to be shipped north of the border. I got my second graphics card in Canada, but it was virtually the last one. Now I'm stuck with a 560 and a 560 Ti, which for just about any other case in SLI distinction, would have been okay to pair. Why when a GPU is totally different, would anyone still refer to it as a 560??? I'm firing off a complaint to PNY.
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