Weird 6950 issue bsod

upgraded from a MSI 460 cyclone 728mb graphics card to a 6950 xfx single fan vapor chamber card the other day. Uninstaled the movies driver put the new card in set it up downloaded newest ATI drivers and everything worked great. 2 days later I'm watching a documentary online and windows 7 comes up with this message that my internet was forced closed never seen this type of message from the os ever. Then my system proceeds to bsod. And goes into some infinite bsod loop concerning hardware malfunction. Won't boot into windows. Tried cmos reset. Reboot, screen neon pink. Can't get the system to boot. Finally get fed up after hours of trying to find a solution and finaly 6 hours later after system restores was able to get my 460 running without any problems. Have no idea what happened with the xfx card. To make things even worse my network adapter is now not working when I plug in the Ethernet cable. No response. Any ideas as to what went wrong ?

was running my system at phenom x4 965 be @3.8 had the ram oc'd to 1499 8gb and everything was stable since I built the computer a few weeks ago.
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  1. Have you tried putting the HD 6950 back in since you got the system up again? It may be that the onboard Ethernet chip failed and caused the problem to begin with. I've never heard of a graphics card failing and taking out the Ethernet chip. But I suppose it could happen. On the otherhand...

    You might try breadboarding the board, CPU/HSF, 1 stk memory, graphics card. See if you can boot into BIOS with the 6950. Does your board have integrated video? If so, use that instead of the card for the test. Maybe the ethernet chip is still OK. Maybe it just needs its driver re-installed.
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