Cpu fan for p9x79 pro

I need a cpu fan that is really high quality that doesnt cost more than $200. I want one that can handle an i7 3930k processor and works with a p9x79 pro motherboard (they said on customer service something like a 2011 socket). I would rather spend less than 200 but i do want good quality that will work those components mentioned above. It doesnt have to be coolermaster but something that really does its job well and will keep my cpu nice and cool even with heavy overclocking or something like that. I would like to avoid overpriced things that cost more than there worth though. Multiple options would be nice.
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  1. The Noctua NH-D14 is consistantly rated among the top for air
    The Thermaltake Frio also ranks highly
    There is always the ever popular CoolerMaster Hyper212EVO
    Or, if you want to go bold, there is the Corsair H100 (works very well in push/pull configuration - average otherwise)
    Of course with a budget of $200, true water cooling is not out of the question either
  2. NH-D14, or a custom water cooling setup like the XSPC Rasa RX240.
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