My windows7 burn is not working

I have windows 7 and my dvd is not burning but cd is
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  1. Is it a cd burner and a dvd burner?List the model here.
  2. DVD burners die, it is a sad and annoying fact of life. Go buy a new one for $18 on newegg.
  3. Hello,


    You post doesn't make any sense, please elaborate just a little bit.
  4. He said cds will burn correctly but not dvds.
  5. often there are seperate lasers in the drivers for cd's and dvd's

    look at the ps3 for example my stepbrother had a problem where the blu-ray laser broke and the dvd one worked fine

    know this because games and blu-rays wouldnt work but dvd's did

    you might get lucky and a cleaning disk might work (there the ones that have two pads on a disk that you add a drop of the liquid that comes with them to and that usually fixes the issues)

    the dvd drive in my computer has been ussed for 6 years and ive recovered it twice using this

    quite often the problem is that the lenses get dirty. could always supliment it with cotten buds but i wouldnt recomend that

    try the disk (works on cd players as well, everyone should own one) if that dosnt work

    just buy a new dvd burner mate there really cheap any way

    silly question but is it new? if it is does it say dvd-writer or dvd-rom

    Blu-ray combo drives have two lasers,CD/DVD drives have one.
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