Problem with my computer

at the moment i have no internet so i am using my phone, today my compter is acting weird my games wont start anymore at first when tried to play battlefield 3 it wouldnt start, the process start then immediatly closes, after restart origin wont open. When i try to play sims 3 the loads which used to 10 seconds to start town now will have 30 minuete load with it only moving half an inch

windows7 64bit
8gb of RAM
phenom II x4 840 3.20Ghz
Radeon HD 6850
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  1. Scan your computer for viruses and other malware.
  2. I have its clean
  3. What did you use when you did it?

    I would recommend trying something else, because some programs get what others miss. None get 100% of viruses/malware.

    You could also try a different hard drive.
  4. Do you think there is possibilty it could be a hardware problem? Probaly should have mentioned this before but i just somethings happened? Though when this happened i already computeer and did Check up on it
    I used norton secuity suite 5 from comcast
    and no internet at the moment so i cant get any new programs going right now
  5. If something banged up against the computer or if it was dropped from even a low height some internal parts could be damaged. I have even heard of cases where people have had it standing upright and they tipped it over on the side on accident and they broke their hardware from it.

    It doesn't take much physical trauma to damage the internals.

    If you want to test different hardware, I would start with a different hard drive.
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