How to Full Screen games in Radeon HD 4870

Help guys...

I want to stay my games full screen whatever my resolution is. I am using Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 1920x1080... But sometimes I'm just using 1440x900 but my games are not in full screen... Help me guys..... :bounce:
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  1. Do you have windowed mode turn on in the game settings?
  2. No I don't have that.... It appears a black screen around my screen when I change my resolution...
  3. Come on guys.... Any suggestions? I am using DVI to HDMI cable at 1920x1080....
  4. That's your solution. DVI and HDMI cables map each pixel to it's spot on LCD monitor, so if your monitor resolution is 1920x1080, so 1440x900 will not be full screen. You cannot stretch the video with that cable, if you want it to be full screen, you'll have to use VGA cable.
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