VisionTek Xeno Pro Gaming Network Adapter

VisionTek Xeno Pro Gaming Network Adapter

Just wondering if this card helps at all or is even worth using.

I have an intergrated gigabit and i know that its more than enough for online gaming.

So is there an actual benefit ??

I read some reviews and its mixed. but those reviews are over a year old.
What does the community of TH say ?

Thanks for reading and commenting :)
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  1. IMO doesn't work, it would depend on the initial internet connection speeds and the location of the game servers!
  2. Well I got Killer 2100. Owned it for about 6 months and it doesn't do sh*t! I switched back to my on-board adapter. Getting better latency and higher download speeds(don't know how's that possible, but it is)

    Only thing what it does - when you are playing at higher latency, game feels a lot smoother. And it's the only pro for that card.

    Anybody, who is planning to buy this card, don't. It's wasted money and it's useless.

    Hope this helps!
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