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Battlefield 3 update dropped my FPS quite a bit

Well after installing the update from origin to battlefield 3, my frame rate went from a fluxuation of about 77-100+ fps to 37-57 fps using the same graphical settings, has anyone else noticed a frame rate drop or know a setting that might fix this?

i play at 1280x720
Ultra every thing
Medium post processing

im using dual radeon 5770s with 11.11 catalyst drivers and cap2 or cap3 i think application profiles?

this configuration was working great but now its horrible, i hate anything below 60fps

and the game also crashes on me now, where as before the update it wasnt crashing at all, i even beat the single player game without a single crash?

is there a way to disable this update? since then ive uninstalled bf3, but i noticed when i click "download bf3" from origin its no longer 11gigs but 14 or so gigs so that makes me think the update is permanent?
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  1. I'd blame BF3... how can you hate sub 60 FPS, they human eye can't see a difference in FPS above 30.
    and yes the updates are required to play the game, you can't play an out of date version of the game.
  2. cant see a difference? the smoothness drops dramatically it seems though? Even doom 3 was locked at 60fps when it was released, not 30.

    The maximum 'perceptual framerate' of the human eye,
    and 'maximum perceived framerate' by the brain/mind are

    not the same thing.

    The human brain is astoundingly good at making really accurate predictions, estimations, and deductions based on VERY tiny information. With only a flash on an image at a low framerate we can deduce a hell of alot.

    So whilst the eye may actually be limited, physically, to taking in 30-60 unique images a second, the mind can take that sparse information and make interpretations and deductions and consequently be able to perceive way beyond 60fps. Current experiments have actually measured the absolute maximum perceivable framerate to be around 200fps.
  3. BF3 is such a fun and great looking game to play, but it has so many issues it makes you wanna throw your pc at someone.
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    It's an old myth about the whole "25fps is fine for the human eye". I understand why people say this (i've studied physics) - however sometimes science has to rethink its position, as mentioned in your above post. If you can see a difference then you know something isnt right.

    limit a games fps to 35 and then change it to 60, you WILL notice a difference.

    Personally i think this is to do with the FPS being lower than the refresh rate of a monitor... it seems to make things jumpy. If your FPS matches your refresh rate, things always seem a lot smoother.

    As for the origonal question, no you cant uninstall the update. It's an automatic update required to play the game. I would change each setting in the GFX page individually to see which configuration is causing the issue. It's possible they fixed specific parts of the GFX engine and now your game is correctly using it, meaning more strain on your GFX card.
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  6. thanks for all the responses guys, i took my CAP down to an old 11.9 catalyst version known as cap4, and its working well now, i didnt change my driver, still using 11.11 but a different cap is all
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