Two double molex to 6pin converters on one psu

Heres the situation, I am trying to do two gtx570s in sli. Each 570 requires two 6 pin connectors, my psu only has enough connectors for one. I am aware that there are converters that use two 4 pin molex plugs and converts them into a 6 pin plug. Is it possible/safe to use two of these adapters on the one powersupply? Will the 570s still work properly?
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  1. Hi!
    Using the adaptors won't be a problem, as long as your PSU can handle both cards (Total wattage and Amp. on the 12v rail).
    What's your Current PSU?
    the thermaltake litepower 700w, i can quite figure out if it will have enough power, anyone help me out with some stats? I also have an intel core i5 2500, a hdd and a dvd drive on the psu
  3. A pair of GTX570's will draw about 30 amps together peaking to 40 amps (360 - 500 watts).

    The specs in the link say you have a 600 watt power supply. "Peak" power ratings are meaningless.

    Next, you have two 12 volt rails, one with a max rating of 30 amps, the other 22 amps. You do not have a max of 52 amps available. 52 amps equals 624 watts - clearly impossible.

    The "peak" power rating tells me that you have a relatively poor power supply. I would not recommend trying to power 2 GTX570's.
  4. Yeah i figured it wouldnt work, oh well cheers
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