Quit, Given up. stuck with crappy dell

Recieved amd 7750 cpu today and installed on msi mobo put in new IDE cable, FDD cable, cpu with artic silver 5 and a hdd. Took power cord off this pc hooked up this monitor, same keyboard and mouse was all excited bout geting better pc. Turn on pc and get message no vga input an monitor goes to sleep. Noticed at one time it did have a graphic card. no startup logo or nothing. So ima quitting tryimg to have something better and guess i am too blame dumb totry to do my own work. the only thing i can think is that the onboard graphics was disabled in the bios and that is the reason i cannot even see that. so if anyone one want this msi motherboard if you will pay shipping you can have it. I am sick and tired of nothing going right for me. don't take me wrong I appericiate everything you guys have done for me but right now i don't need or can handle anymore disappointment. Going in hospital June 11th to have my gall bladder removed so it will be a while before i can do anything, Gonna get rid of all my spare parts. because I am not even going to try any more :( :(
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  1. We all get frustrated with things that don't work the way they should! Know the feeeling. Leave it alone for a day or two and come back to it. Shouldn't be the BIOS or none of us would be able to change the settings for the GPU...Have you listed all your component parts to see if anyone can spot something like incompatibility? At least give it a try. If at first you don't succeed... Good luck with the op...
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