GeForce GTX 570 vs Radeon HD 6970

Which Graphics card is better for games such as Battlefield 3 and Flight Simulator which renders visuals such as airports, land, clouds and addon scenary and aircraft from a far distance and in high detail the GeForce GTX 570 vs Radeon HD 6970?

I cant decide as both cost the same.

And which will be better in the future when updates are released?

Or are their any other options which are better for around the same price?
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  1. any of the two will do good ofr most of the long as BF3 is the case then you should see this-
  2. ^ and after you see a cherry picked benchmark like that you should look at something more comprehensive like this
  3. 9_breaker said:

    I wouldn't say " owns " as they both are shown here and there that games favor one or the other. If they cost the same for the 2gb 6970 and the 570 then he only thing you should worry about is driver compatibility, which NVIDIA seems to be better, or whether you are going to be playing games/mods that use more than 1280mb of vram.
  4. i think both of them are good.the performance changes from game to game.
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