Coolant on your graphics card?

What does it do ? D:

Is it good? D:

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  1. Did you spill coolant on your GFX card? or are you thinking of WC'ing your card?

    If you spilled coolant, what type/brand? is it capacitive/conductive? or is it just distilled water (if so, power off, unplug, pat dry, and wait a few hours)?
  2. Ghythybhy said:
    What does it do ? D:

    Is it good? D:


    "Is it good?".
    Ha, you make me laugh. Its never good to spill anything on your computer. Was the PC on or off when it was spilled. If it was off, don't turn it on. Pat & dry as IH8U says. Depending on how much was spilled, (if > 1/10 litre & it went everywhere) leave if for a at least a day or two in a warm dry place. The amount of damage that will be done will depend on the coolant and how conductive the liquid is. If the spill occurred when the PC was off then you should be fine. Just don't turn it on. I've never dealt with a leak on my cooling system, but I have spilled stuff on electronics.

    To give an example - I spilled a cup of Horlicks all over my wireless keyboard. Horlicks is a malt milk drink that gets pretty thick & sticky. To fix the problem I had to give my keyboard a bath. Took it completely apart and washed all the electronics in just hot water. Then just let it rinse & dry. This won't do any harm as long as you don't put power through it. I'm typing right now on the same keyboard.

    If loads of coolant went everywhere. Worst case scenario.
    I'm not sure about this as I've never dealt with a coolant leak but you would need to now how conductive the liquid is. If it is anyway conductive and you pat & dry it into the PCB (circuit board of gfx card), then you could short it out with just the residue. To be sure, I would be thinking about cleaning the thing. I haven't researched this problem so I'm not 100% sure on that. I'd do a bit of researching yourself before I'd put my card in the bath. If you were to do this, you would also need to remove the cooling system first. If I did this, the card would spend over a week in the press with the hot water tank rapped in the best cloth I could find to dry it. I'd want to be really sure there is no water left on it.

    Wait for confirmation from someone who has first hand dealt with the problem though. I wouldn't even take my word on it.
  3. No no, i bought a new PC through cyberpowerpc and they gave away a free "Standard Coolant"

    Should i use it or should i not use it? D:

    Is it reasonably useful?

    Since i got a aftermarket heatsink and 7 fans in my case (zalman z9+)

    Should i keep it attach to it or remove it?

    Thoughts? ^^
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