Hard drive memory loss

I have lost most of the memory off my 500gb hard drive after formating. There only appears
to be one hard drive which is a recovery drive, 10 gb.
I have been told that it will have to be re partitioned. Is there anyway that I could do it myself.
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  1. If this is going to be your boot drive, Windows 7 install pgm will offer to do that. If it is a data drive, you can do that in Win 7 Disk Managemant. Just type that in the Start Box.
  2. Easier: Boot the recovery partition. There's usually a F-key menu (f12?) that lets you choose boot devices and anotehr that forces a boot off the recovery partition. read your online manual. The recovery partition when booted will recreate everything else back to factory spec. If you've really lost the other partition this is the only way you are going to get your copy of windows back (or by booting off optical recovery media if you made it or by buying a copy of he recovery media fromt eh company that made the pc)
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